About Us



Our planet has a lot to offer and we believe that all of us together, can
make it a better place to live. We can make a big difference by just
changing as little as one meal of our day to a plant-based meal🌱.
Our mission is to reduce the impact of the food we eat on the planet!
We do this by raising awareness among people and by providing the tastiest plant-based food possible.

Our chefs use traditional methods to slow cook each dish in the kitchen to
get that delicious flavour. We use the finest ingredients and spices to
enhance the flavour and the quality of the dish.
We use sustainable packaging to pack all our meals.

The paper pulp trays we use are made from pre consumer waste. The pulp which forms the basis of the tray is made from the off cuts of paper used for making drink cups, juice cartons and other paper containers, which would otherwise would have been wasted.

These off cuts are then turned into paper pulp which is formed into the trays we use. Additionally the water used in the process is all fully recycled.

Our trays are compostable and 100% recyclable. Please rinse your trays and put it in with paper recycling. Let us continue the cycle to

The sleeves we use are 100% biodegradable and 100% recyclable. Please put the sleeves in with your paper recycling too.

Unfortunately, the plastic film we use is not recyclable at the moment but we working hard on getting a sustainble alternative than using a plastic film. Thanks for bearing with us.